Notary Legalization

 Contact SC EURO TRAD 2010 SRL if you want a legally certified translation. We deal with translations of official documents both for companies and individuals. A legally certified translation includes an official stamp, signature and the translator's statement. A certified translator attended the necessary professional training courses and he is authorized to perform such translations. The following documents often require a certified translation: birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, divorce certificates, mortgage deeds, statements of good standing, deeds of change of name, pension documents, court orders, judgments, records, driver licenses, criminal records , references, contracts, general documents issued by the National Trade Register Office or the Chamber of Commerce.
 We apply an extra fee for legally certified translations, since they involve additional time and cost.

  Interpreting Services

 The need for interpreters has become a necessity to overcome language barriers in business and other sectors. If you are looking for high quality interpreting services, they can be found at SC EURO TRAD 2010 SRL. We meet all your needs on the interpretation.
SC EURO TRAD 2010 SRL offers various interpreting services, such as:
  • financial field interpreting services
  • juridical field interpreting services
  • technical field interpreting services

 We employ professional interpreters and we guarantee the highest level of interpretation. Our interpreters are experienced performers, skilled in specific areas. Whether you need interpreting services for conferences, business meetings, medical cases and court hearings or discussions and more, we're here to help you.
 Our professional interpreters will meet the ethical codes of conduct, also bound by a confidentiality agreement.

 Apostille - supralegalization of the document translated "Apostille - Convention de la Haye du 5 Octobre 1961"
 Starting March 16th 2001, Romania has adhered to the Hague Convention of October 05th 1961. Apostille procedure is performed under the authority of the Prefect's Offices and Law Courts. In order for the Romanian documents to be valid abroad, after the Apostille is applied by the Prefect's Office, the documents are translated into the language of the country of destination, by a certified translator, including the Apostille, and then they will be legalized by a Notary Public. This supralegalization is the procedure by which the Law Court legalizes a document notarised by a Notary Public.